Painting With Snow

Puffy Snow Paint

I am still waiting for a BIG snow storm to arrive. The “Blizzard of 2016” turned out to be a disappointment, dropping a total of zip-zero inches in NH. I am slightly bitter that the snow was redirected to the Mid-Atlantic states and accumulated in the yards and driveways of some of my relatives (who by the way, are not particularly known to be snow lovers.) My lucky brother and sister-in-law got at least 18 inches! Oh, I am so jealous!

I cannot say that we have had no snow this winter. Two weeks ago, a small storm came through bringing a wimpy three inches of snow with it. The kids were able to scrape together a cute, little snowman who stayed around much longer than we expected. Unfortunately, last week’s warmer temperatures did a number on the poor little guy. See picture below. (How about those flip flops???)

cute little snowman


It seemed about the right time to whip up a little “snow” of my own. My kids love snow paint! Snow painting is an easy-to-make, fun, sensory activity. With snow paint, you can create three-dimensional snowmen and other snow designs that will stay around all winter no matter what the weather report is.

Snow Paint

Puffy Snow Paint Snowmen

You will need:

  • shaving cream
  • school glue
  • glitter (optional)
  • paper plates or bowl
  • spoons or hands to mix with
  • construction paper
  • paintbrush
  • materials for snowman’s arms, mouth, nose, accessories

On a paper plate, mix 1/4 cup school glue to 3/4 cup shaving cream. Add glitter. Combine with spoon. If using your hands, I would recommend blending the materials in a big bowl or on a cookie sheet. It will give you more room to work with and help contain the snow.

Mixing Puffy Snow Paint

Using your finger or a paintbrush, make an outline of a snowman on construction paper. Generously fill the outline in with snow paint. The more snow, the better. The more textured, the better.

Snowman outline

Decorate your snowman as you wish. Use different materials for his arms and face. Give him a scarf or a hat. Be creative. Twigs work great for arms and a background. Fleece and fabric work beautifully for hats and scarfs.


Add falling snow and/or a background. Allow paint to dry completely. When dry, the paint will set into a soft, puffy material.


Embrace Winter! Embrace Creativity!

(This idea is adapted from a  BOZ MOPPETS Lesson)