Speaking Topics


I’ve had the privilege of speaking to groups in multiple states and at various gatherings, including speaking at MOPS International’s Volunteer Team training in Milwaukee, WI, presenting a workshop at the 2019 Annual Gathering for American Baptist Churches of Vermont and New Hampshire, and a leading seminars at Camp Berea’s 2020 Women’s Retreats in Hebron, NH.

I love sharing life-transforming truths and encouraging others in their faith with practical ideas . My heart’s desire is that all women would see themselves as God sees them- beautiful, loved and enough in Him. I believe in the importance of community and the strength found in journeying alongside each other (regardless of age and differences.)

I would love to come and speak at your women’s events, MOPS, groups, homeschooling conferences, and leadership training events. I can customize talks to meet the needs of your audience. Most talks run 30-45 minutes in length but the length of time can be decreased or increased depending on your needs. My presentations include humor, real-life stories and examples, hands-on activities, and a variety of visuals and teaching illustrations.

Listen to one of my talks turned into a podcast at the link below! I gave this talk during MOPS International’s Coach training in Milwaukee and it has been edited into a podcast format.  I hope you will listen and be blessed and encouraged. (Google Play link to the podcast below. It is about 12 minutes in length.)

“When Shanna woke up on her 38th birthday, she had a to-do list that didn’t excite her much. So she threw it out and made another list full of kind things she wanted to do that day. With her new list and a new attitude, she spread kindness around like confetti. All year long, we should strive to walk in grace and do good works and love each other in the name of Jesus.”



Listen to a recent message given during a Sunday morning worship service:

Love Like That Conclusion


Discovering Your Unique Spiritual Design and Spiritual Disciplines that Stick

How is your devotional life? Is it enriching and enjoyable? Is it a strength and support to your day and your relationships? Our relationship with God is the most important relationship in our lives, for out of it flows how we react and interact with other people. When we have a strong relationship with Jesus, it gives us the firm foundation of strength, support, and a self-sacrificing perspective that can help us to “love God, and love others” well. All relationships take grit and grace, and our relationship with the Holy God is no different.

In this seminar/workshop, we will take a look at our devotional lives, our unique spiritual design, and discover our spiritual temperament based on Gary Thomas’ book, Sacred Pathways. We’ll identify obstacles that stop our devotional lives and learn how to start spiritual practices that help us to grow closer to God so that we can know, love, and worship him in new ways.


Throughout history, women have played a mighty and important role in God’s greater plan. Explore the stories of women who embraced their circumstances, strived to live by their convictions, and held fast to the love and power in Jesus. Be inspired by their stories and learn a few things to apply to your own life’s journey of faith.

  • Suzanna Wesley- a mother and influencer- character traits: devoted, faithful and wise
  • Harriet Tubman- a freedom fighter- theme: freedom, free in Christ
  • Elizabeth of Hungry- a princess- character traits- generosity
  • Gladys Alyward- a devoted housemaid- character traits: persistence and perseverance
  • Joan of Arc
  • Florence Nightingale
  • Sarah, Mother to the Nations
  • Fanny Crosby
  • Katherine Johnson
  • Annie Oakley


A talk tackling the question- “Am I enough?”  This talk addresses  comparisons, setting realistic expectations, the importance of community weaved together with Biblical truths and challenges.


LIGHT and DARKNESS- Hope in Difficult Times (anxiety, depression, postpartum depression)

EMBRACE THE INTERRUPTIONS AND INTERACTIONS- Embracing people and situations as they come with purpose and intention.

Eyes to See- Uniqueness

We are all fearfully and wonderfully made.  As a loving and nurturing parent, it’s our job to encourage our children to embrace their uniqueness, celebrate their individual qualities, and train up our children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6). Culture and others try to label and define us with images that are not from God. Let’s rediscover who we are, with all our strengths and limitations, and learn to take root in our identity in Christ. We’ll learn more about our personality and ways to love and connect with our children to help them to FLOURISH in who God created them to be.(personality types, love languages) This is a workshop style “talk” with personal personality inventories worked through and discussion time woven in.

Scripture: Jeremiah 1:5; Psalm 139:13-14; Ephesians 2:10; Colossians 3:12; Proverbs 22:6

Embracing Rest

Eyes to See- Time  “Mason Jars and Buckets”

Are you tired, overburdened, and over committed? How do you keep it all together? Do you have an empty bucket? With the constant demands and choices, how do we know what the best choices are? Learn to look at your schedule with new eyes, embrace rest, and celebrate simplicity.

Scripture: Proverbs 14:1; Ephesians 5:15-16, Galatians 5:22-23, Hebrews 12:1-3