Unless you are Her Majesty the Queen, you are just going to have to do it yourself. While The Queen employs the services of a Royal-Shoe Wearer to break in her new shoes, most of us commoners must endure a slightly uncomfortable time period known as “breaking in.”1

Many sources, from Vogue to the Wall Street Journal, have weighed in on this topic and it seems they all come to the same conclusion, to break in new shoes you need to take it slow. Breaking in is a process. The shoes need time to mold to your feet decreasing the chances of blisters, sore ankles and pinched toes

This is where this week’s hiking update finds me- breaking in.  It has been a little over a week since I bought my hiking boots. I have been wearing them everywhere. Out for walks, shopping, errands around town. They got some extra “breaking in”  when they totally rocked it out during a worship service with my brothers and sisters at the Pentecostal Ministries Church.  BTW, If you ever need to break in hiking boots (or any shoes for that matter) attend a service. Your heart will be overflowing with joy and your feet will have you dancing through the whole week.

I am not only breaking in my shoes, I am also breaking down fat and building muscle and strength. This week, I was reacquainted with an old friend, Jillian Michaels.  America’s toughest trainer is leading me through personal exercise sessions in the comfort of my living room. She promised me that if I give it my all, bring everything I have to my workouts, I will be “ripped” in 30 days. Thirty days seems like a reasonable amount of time to commit to. I am hoping that this start will help me stay focused and motivated to continue regular workouts. I need to get stronger for this hike.  (Please do not tell Jillian about the free froyo I had on Tuesday.)

Between the shoes and workouts, I have been reminded of a few things. One, no one can do it for me. If I want my shoes to be comfortable, I have to wear them. If I want to be physically fit, I have to put in the time and make my body move. Two, new things can feel uncomfortable. The first few days of wearing my boots, I thought I had made a mistake in purchasing them. They were a stiff and snug in the beginning but with wear they have become more relaxed and comfortable. The same goes with the exercise. It was difficult and slightly uncomfortable to start but once I got going, I remembered that I actually like exercising. In fact, I really enjoy it. I have seen improvements in my body and in my mood. My stress level seems lower and I have been sleeping more soundly and comfortably. So a small amount of discomfort in the beginning turns into a lot of good things in the end.

Hiking Goals for the week:

  1. Keep exercising.
  2. Keep breaking in my boots.
  3. Purchase a hiking pack.

For those that need to break in some hiking boots or shoes, check out the video below and see the type of workout my boots went through on Sunday night. So much fun!


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