The Blue Stockings Circle

In 18th-century England, a group called the “Blue Stocking Society” gathered together in small and large circles to discuss literature and the arts. Preferring conversations over cards, discussion over design, and education over expectations, the “Blue Stocking Society” was a group of women and men who met to collaborate, support, and encourage each other in their reading, writing and art endeavors. One story suggests that the society received its name when an invited guest, unable to afford formal stockings, attended the gathering in his everyday, worsted blue stockings.

Inspired by the idea, I’m expanding our literacy circle and Poetry Teatime in our homeschooling and to others, both in person and in an online book club format.

Each month, you are invited to join me to read and discuss a book from a selection of nonfiction and fiction choices. We’ll start with a Charlotte Mason, parenting help on building good habits, Laying Down the Rails by Sonya Shafer.

Simply Charlotte Mason has offered a 10% discount, if we have ten or more people purchase the book. If you are interested in purchasing “Laying Down the Rails,” please let me know and I will give you more information.

The mother who takes pains to endow her children with good habits secures for herself smooth and easy days.—Charlotte Mason

Charlotte likened good habits to rails on which our children’s lives could run smoothly. It is the parent’s business to lay down those rails.
Here, compiled into one volume, are all the habits Charlotte mentioned in her writings with her thoughts and suggestions for cultivating each one. This work also includes Charlotte’s help for breaking bad habits, hundreds of inspiring quotes, and lots of practical tips.

We’ll “meet” and discuss online at my Embrace Enthusiasm Facebook page.

Request to join our closed group here:

If you are local, stay tuned for opportunities to gather together with our children to celebrate poetry, literacy and the arts. Or hold your own literacy circle in your house- blue socks, slippers, or stockings recommended for increased fun!



Find book suggestions and links to our current reads. Themed resources available. Updated regularly.

Poetry Teatime by Brave Writer (

“Poetry Teatimes offer you and your children a break from the fast-paced demands of parenting, educating, and household running. Everyone sighs a collective “ahhhh” as they settle into their chairs, tea cups or mugs in hand, poetry books scattered across the table. When you pair poetry with tea, your children create a connection between contemplation and rest, while also creating memories of serenity and joy .”

Tiny Theologians (

We are using these books and cards to enhance our Bible and History lessons, and to jump start discussions on character building using real people, real world examples.