November Stitch Fix Review (Fix #13)

November Stitch Fix ReviewI can sum up this whole fix in one word, disappointment. I was so pleased with my October Fix that I decided to push up the date of my  December’s fix to November. I had high hopes that this fix would be just as great as last month’s. fix

As I always do, I added new pins to my Pinterest Board and made sure to make some notes to my stylist. The note included a lot of questions marks, which may have been a mistake.  It went something like this- “Please send- a warm, fall/winter scarf? A jean skirt? Conservative hemlines and no distressed looks. A warm sweater? Fall/winter skirts? .” I wish I had saved the exact note so I could compare what was sent to what I wrote. I have had the same stylist for a long time so I figured that she has come to understand my style and that I could loosen up on my specific instructions. I guess I was wrong.

From all the pinning, I had a picture in my mind of what items might be sent to me. So, when the box arrived, I ripped into it hoping to find that soft, warm scarf or comfy, over-sized sweater. It didn’t take long to realize that I had got my hopes up for nothing. I knew that most of the items would be going back. Disappointed,  I threw the items back into the box and left them there for days before trying them on.

Item #1-

Look by M Prescott Fringe Edge Scarf- Stitch Fix  mummy

I specifically asked for a warm fall/winter scarf. I specifically pinned warm/winter scarves. Beautiful, bright, colorful scarves. So imagine my surprise when I pulled this lightweight, gauze-like piece of material from the box. Ugh!

The neutral, off white color might be the only positive thing about it. The material is very thin and its ragged looking (at least in this color.) Since it is light-weight, it might make a nice spring (or even the summer.) scarf.  I could not help but think that this looked more fitting for a Mummy rather than a cold Mommy (sorry, I could not resist.)

Save your $32.00 and go buy a warm, winter Faribault scarf at Target.

Item #2

Level 99 Hayden Denim Pencil Skirt Hayden Denim Pencil Skirt Hayden Denim Pencil Skirt

I REALLY wanted to like this skirt. I liked how it felt on. It was smooth and stretchy. I had asked for a jean skirt but I had also asked specifically that no “distressed” looks be sent. I know that distressed look is “in.” I was “out” when I saw the price tag- $108 for a skirt with holes in it. No, thank you!

Item #3

    RD Donna Embellished Neckline Sweater- Stitch Fix Donno Embellished Sweater

RD Style Donno Embellished Neckline SweaterPrincess

I am all for sparkles, sequins, and rhinestones. I really love the color gray. I have tops that open in the back. But this item, just plain confused me. The embellished neckline was very heavy (in weight and look), too much for the lightweight sweater. Not sure why the back opens the way it does because it the bottom of the sweater is slightly fitted. In trying to think positively, I thought that maybe this sweater is casual wear for a princess. So, I grabbed my wedding tiara for a matching accessory. Sadly, the sweater cost more ($88.00) than the tiara itself. Reminding me that I am neither from royal descent or from money and that this sweater is more for fairy tales than for real life.

Item #4

Le Lis Ellie Printed Swing Skirt- Stitch Fix

This skirt was the one bright spot in the box.  I love swing skirts! It has a great trendy pattern. The skirt fit well and has a conservative hem line (thank you, stylist!)  The only problem I had with this skirt was the type of material. It was very thin and a bit see-through. I would have had to wear a heavy slip to wear it out of the house. (The mummy-scarf would go perfect with it for a spring look.) Yes, I could have kept it and saved it until spring. But would I remember that I own it in the spring?  I have been trying to simplify my closet and rid the house of things we do not need. So unfortunately, this skirt is not something I need right now.

Item #5-

Pixley Salena Zipper Detail Pullover Sweater- Stitch Fix Salena Zipper Detail Pullover Sweater

sweater and jean skirt

The color of this sweater is PERFECTION! I love the richness of burgundy. Cable knit sweaters are awesome-always have loved them. BUT WHAT ARE THE ZIPPERS DOING THERE??? They look so out of place. Like finishing touches that break the sweater rather than make it.  The sweater would have been perfect without those zippers. Ugh-again! I must be getting old!


Look by M Prescott Fringe Edge Scarf  –RETURN

Level 99 Hayden Denim Pencil Skirt —RETURN

RD Style  Donno Embellished Neckline Sweater— RETURN

Le Lis Ellie Printed Swing Skirt — RETURN

Pixley Salena Zipper Detail Pullover Sweater —RETURN

Disappointment. I hate being so down-beat and gloomy. I know that the “Fixes” can not be a winner each time. I know that I will not always like all the items sent. But the items sent seemed too far off from my notes and Pinterest’s pins.

BUT I am not giving up on Stitch Fix…. yet.  I was just given a gift certificate and I am now debating on moving up my Fix from January to December. Then again, maybe I should just take a month off and clean out, get my pins and notes together. It might be a nice way to start the new year!

Read more about here  Read my last review here- October Stitch Fix Review. It was a great Fix!!!

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October Stitch Fix Review (Fix #12)

Stitch Fix October Review Fall is finally here! There is a crisp, fresh chill in the air. The leaves have started changing colors and gliding off the trees creating unique, mosaic-like patterns on the ground as they lay.  My Uggs and a few other cozy fall items have been pulled from storage with joyful anticipation of fall adventures to come. Fall in New England is the best!

I was so excited to receive my October’s Stitch Fix. I had made some specific notes to my stylist. I wanted a warm, cozy sweater to wear with leggings and boots. A tunic with leggings would be nice. I asked for a black blazer to wear over dresses for church and speaking to groups. I told my stylist that I love receiving dresses but I STRESSED the importance of a sending me dresses with conservative hem-lines (in the past this has been an issue.) Finally, I took time to add a few new pins to my Pinterest Board.  I tried to cover all my bases.

When the box arrived, I only had a minute or two to see what was sent. At first glance, I loved everything. I couldn’t wait until the afternoon when I had more time to try everything on. I hoped that the items would fit as good as they looked.

Item #1-

skies are blue flannel        flannel outfit

This navy blue, flannel tunic is soft and warm. I paired the tunic with Kensie skinny jeans and my Uggs. The Kensie jeans came in one my first fixes and are still my favorite jeans. They have held up nicely which proves that paying a little extra for better quality clothing goes a long way.

Item #2

kensie rebekah blazer

I asked for a black blazer and I got a black blazer. Basic, versatile, comfortable, and well-made. This is the same designer as my favorite skinny jeans. What can I say? It is just what I wanted and my stylist did a great job listening to my notes.

Item #3

papermoon kallan dress  Kallan Dress  papermoon dress with blazer

The burgundy color of this dress affirms that fall has arrived. I like the fit and style of the dress. It actually reminds me of a dress I had in high school and I love that. It felt familiar when I tried it on. I first paired the dress with a pair of Sam & Libby’s Bow Flats (from Target) to complete my 1994 look. 🙂  Then, I decided to add ankle boots and the Kensie blazer for a second look. The only thing that I do not like about this dress is the material. It is on the thin side. I am not sure how it will hold up after wear and care. In my opinion, it is also a bit pricy for the quality of the dress.

Item #4

loveppella howella knit topDSC_0967loveappella howella knittop

This is what I love about Stitch Fix! I would have never picked out this item for myself. In the store, I would have said too busy, too much pattern. But at first glance, I loved the colors in the shirt (corals and aqua) and the material felt nice to touch. I was curious to see how it would look on and I was pleasantly surprised. The material is soft and stretchy. Not only does it fits great and it feels good on!

Item #4-

rd lois turtle neck sweater

I really did not need to try this on because I had already decided that I was keeping it when I first laid eyes on it. It is a perfectly, cozy, warm, well-made sweater. There is nothing more I can say but open my arms and welcome fall in!


Skies are Blue Primmie Tunic  –KEPT

Kensie Rebekah Blazer —KEPT

Papermoon Kallan Dress—KEPT

Loveappella Howella Knit Top —KEPT

RD Style Lois Turtle Neck Sweater —KEPT

This fix gets an A+. My stylist did a great job taking into account what I wanted and surprising me with a few new looks.  The only item I would have sent back (due to the individual cost and quality) is the Kallan Dress but as I mentioned in my last post, if you keep all the items in your fix you get 25% off the total. Economically, it made sense to keep the dress. I will admit that I am not “totally” sad about it though. I love the idea of reliving part of the 90s.  🙂

Would you like to try Stitch Fix? If you do decide to try it out, I would appreciate the referral. Please use Shanna’s Stitch Fix Referral link when signing up.

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