January Stitch Fix Review (Fix #15)

January Stitch Fix Review

My November’s Stitch Fix Review was less than fabulous. With disappointment, I returned all the items and debated taking a month off from the service. BUT… I was brought up in a family of women who have taught me that if you are not satisfied with a service or a product that you have paid for, then the correct (and only) thing to do is to speak up. Amazing things happen when you speak up.

So, in the tradition of the women who went before me, I wrote an email to the Stitch Fix customer service. It was a polite email but it clearly expressed my deep dissatisfaction with the selection of clothing that was sent to me. The email was answered by a senior stylist who asked if they could “fix” the Fix.  She asked specific questions that would help her hone in on my style. I think we also “talked” about my Pinterest Board and the current trends that I liked/dislikes. In December, a replacement Fix was sent with a much better selection. I was back on the “Fixes.”

December was obviously a busy month and I almost forgot about my January fix until I received an email asking if there was anything that I wanted to tell my stylist. I requested to keep the Senior Stylist and jotted down a note. “In the winter, I love sweaters and things that I can wear with leggings.”  I think that is all I wrote and here is what was sent.

Gilli Anastasia Swing Skirt

Gillian Anastasia Swing SkirtGilli Anastasia Swing Skirt

Stitch Fix has finally heard my plea to make sure that the skirts and dresses they send me fall at the knee or below. The hemline of this skirt is a perfect length. The skirt is a beautiful burgundy color and the material is thick enough to wear in the winter with tights. It has an attached slip so you do not have to be hassled with adding one. Another thing that I was taught from the women before me- slips are a necessary to wear with skirts and dresses and disregard their annoyance while wearing them.

Just Black Dean Skinny Jeans

Just Black Dean Skinny Jean

These are a basic, dark navy skinny jean. They are lighweight and stretchy.  In the past, zipper accents and I have had a love/hate relationship but on these jeans I think they are adorable.

BRIXON IVY Bixby Clover Print Blouse

Brixon Ivy Bixby Clover Print Blouse

Bixby Clover Print Blouse

Bixby Clover Print Blouse2

I love this shirt for so many reasons. I love the color. I love the design. And I love the tiny pearl accents on the side of the arm. Surprisingly, the blouse does not seem to wrinkle. It has been put in and taken out of the Stitch Fix box several times but it unfolds wrinkle free. As a mom, I think this is kind of a big deal!

41Hawthorn Kenny Faux Leather Trim Open Cardigan

41Hawthorn Kenny Faux Leather Trim Open Cardigan2

41Hawthorn Kenny Faux Leather Trim Open Cardigan

41Hawthorn Faux Leather Trim

As soon as this sweater was pulled out of the box, I knew it was for me. The pictures do not do the color of the sweater justice. It is a pretty tan or more like a light coffee.  I am not usually a leather accent girl. BUT I love the faux leather accents on this sweater. The sweater is big and warm and cozy! Yes, please and thank you, very much!

Dreamers/Debut Cancun Cowl Neck Pullover Sweater

Dreamers/Debut Cancun Cowl Neck Pullover Sweater

This is how the sweater came out of the box. I was a little confused and worried about the neck. When I put it on a hanger,  it was almost long enough to be a dress (with the hemline at or below the knee-haha.)  But when I put it on, this is what it looked like. The long neck turned into a scarf-like accessory.
dreamersdebut cancuncowlneckpulloversweaterdreamersdebutcancuncowlneckpulloversweater2

It is cute but roomy and airy. To keep warm while wearing it, I will need something more substantial to wear underneath. Oh, and it seems to wrinkle easily but I think I can deal with it.  It’s something new and I definitely do not have anything like this in my closet.


Gilli Anastasia Swing Skirt  –KEEP

Just Black Dean Skinny Jean —KEEP

BRIXON IVY Bixby Clover Print Blouse — KEEP

41Hawthorn  Kenny Faux Leather Trim Open Cardigan —KEEP

Dreamers/Debut Cancun Cowl Neck Pullover — KEEP

It was a great fix and I decided to keep all five items!  BUT I am trying to rid my house of clutter and things. So, I promised myself that if I wanted to keep any of the items, I needed to get rid of at least TEN items that I no longer need in my closet. I feel good about making space and updating my clothes at the same time.

Making Space

Wait, I thought this was a blog about FAITH, FAMILY, and HOMESCHOOLING? Why are you talking about clothes? 

I think “FAMILY” covers a wide area of topics.  I love having two daughters and everything that comes with “sugar and spice and everything nice.” My girls love dresses, anything sparkly, and accessories galore. I feel that part of my responsibility in raising my girls is to teach them to care for themselves, show them how to dress in a modest and self-respecting way, all while promoting a healthy self-image. I want to show them that clothes and accessories can be fun and a way to express their personalities.

When the Stitch Fix box comes, my girls love seeing what is in the box and how I pair the clothes with accessories. It’s like “dress-up” time for mom. It has become a great way to talk about hemlines, necklines, and tightness of fabric.  I also make it a point to discuss how the things on the outside do not matter as much as what is in the inside does. That is what is most important.  I want my girls to learn to celebrate being a girl while remembering self worth does not come from clothes or others’ opinions. It only comes from who she is in Jesus Christ.


The Photographers

Check out my reasons for trying out Stitch Fix here.

Read more about here www.stitchfix.com  Read my last review here- November Stitch Fix Review. It was a great Fix!!!

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  1. Camie says:

    Lovely items of clothing! I also teach my daughters to dress modestly and take pride in their appearance, not in a vain way of course, but because their bodies are temples and they are daughters of God.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sjc says:

      Camie, Amen! I think that is so important. I absolutely love this quote I found from Rachel Lee Carter, a profession model and author of Fashion by Faith. “Can I—a clotheshorse—and other fashion-forward girls have the freedom to dress trendy and fashionably in accordance with today’s styles and still maintain the virtue of modesty? The answer to that question is a resounding, “Yes!” But I had to learn how… Fashion should be fun, spontaneous, and should enable women to express themselves. But a good model (or role model) does not have to sacrifice her purity, dignity, or worth on the altar of bad taste!” I want to be that type of role model for my girls.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Camie says:

        I love that!


  2. Laurie says:

    I think that’s a great idea to lose some items from your closet each time a fix arrives! I always try to get rid of clothes when I run out of hangers, but I’ve been keeping so much from Stitch Fix, it’s definitely time to purge!


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