My Plan For Summer


 “The best things are nearest: breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of God just before you.”   -Robert Louis Stevenson

What is my plan for summer?

I plan to breathe in, gaze at, listen intently, and feel fully each moment of summer.  For the first time in months, our calendar will be void of weekly classes, programs, and commitments. I intend to guide my family into the many possibilities of a blank schedule with a call for new adventures and sensory experiences.

This will not be easy for me. This will take practice. This will take grace.  I am a planner – a Type-A personality by nature. I like schedules, lists, agendas, a beginning time and an end time.  I like to carry my planner with me.

I have not always been this way. I used to be a dreamer, a free spirit, an adventurer, a lover of the glorious and spontaneous moment, a hopeless romantic. Somewhere between my first teaching job and my third child, those characteristics got pushed aside and buried deep within me.  As each new season of life approached, I changed. My approach to life changed. Schedules and lists took over spontaneity.  Safety over adventure. Reality over dreams.

BUT my seasons continue to change. My babies are growing up. I am getting older. If I am not careful, I will be swept away in the current of this quick paced world. I do not want to miss a moment. I am ready to unearth my old adventurous, dreaming, spontaneous self.

This summer, I will lead my family on mystery adventures. I will jump into the freezing cold, icy Atlantic Ocean with my children. I am going to choose the cone over the safety of a cup and let the cold, sweet ice cream dribble all over me while my children laugh. I am going to feel the warm sun on my face.  I am going to gaze in awe at the sunset skies. Most importantly, I am going to quiet myself and listen to God’s prompting, move to be in step with his plan, and embrace the rest summer offers while I notice the good gifts he has given me.

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